Start A Music Blog And Make A Lot Of Money From Online Marketing

Ever thought of sharing your favorite songs on a music blog and make some money doing it? Okay it probably smells a bit fishy to you and are probably thinking of some scheme behind this. But think about it for a moment. A lot of people out there are already making a lot of money with different types of blogs out there such as food blogs or travel blogs but that may not be your thing. But do you often realize that you get distracted by a lot of the music you find and listen to all over the Internet or while you’re doing tasks?

A music blog can very well be a very cheeky way to make money while getting distracted with all the songs you listen to. Do you find yourself posting a lot of the songs you listen to on Facebook or Twitter and share it with all your friends? It can be as easy as that. Only you just post it on your blog before sharing it.

A lot of mainstream music blogs out there make a lot of money through iTunes or other programs that people sell on their sites. That’s pretty much the main meat of how money is made online – by selling stuff. There are plenty of things you can sell on your blog depending on what market or industry you are in. But the music industry is no exception. With a music blog, there are so many other ways that you can sell stuff or have something in there that makes you money even if you’re brand new or have no experience.

Take this pianist for example, Daniel Le who makes money online while just sharing his piano scores and videos. All by just driving traffic and getting people to see his pieces. How does he do it? With a music blog loaded with banner ads and affiliate programs, a portion of the people who see his content get curious and click the ads, while they get taken through a sales process and funnel that you don’t have to do or set up yourself.

Other music blogs sell other stuff like Amazon products or even e-books among other information based products. There are so many ways to do it whether you relate it to your industry or not. The appeal behind a music blog is that it is so easy and fun.

It’s just as easy as setting up a WordPress blog which pretty much almost anyone can do. You then just post content about your favorite music or anything related to it. What I do personally is share YouTube clips of random songs I listen to at the time and post it on my blog and then share it.

With almost little effort, you can start making a great income from a music blog even if you’re new or even if you’re part-time!