Electro Music Blogs’ Role

The question has always been as an artist how do you promote yourself? How do you get out in the market place. With the rise of electro blogs – we’re seeing a lot more people turn to these outlets as a new record label! Why push out your music through advertising agencies and PR companies when if you had real fans of your music, you’ll grow organically through the blogs.

Between 2009-2010 we saw MySpace shift their focus from users to artists. MySpace can be the source of many hours spent lost for users on the quest for new music. In a society that thrives on having the latest and greatest – we seem to have shifted to having the latest and greatest song.

The ability to share anything unique with someone you know is a great feeling and we’re the same with music. When a user finds a new artist, a new song, a new “drop”, it can be just as addictive as getting your next “fix”! Social media is coming round to this and the rise of music blogs are giving users effectively an online iTunes of brand new music!

The next 10 years for new music are going to be shaped and influenced more and more by key bloggers. In electro – we’ve already seen blogs give their backing to artists who have then gone on to become a number one hit. My prediction for the future is that blogs (especially in electro) will become online libraries for users to associate their music identity to.

For example, the question currently is – what music do you like? 10 years time I think we’ll see the question “what blogs do you follow?” being asked a lot more. Music shops also will be changed. My prediction is that shops will be split into recommendations from blogs – and areas for people to listen, engage and download new music at a cheap price from. Who wants to read the back of a CD cover in a shop, when a blog will give personality to the artist – and engage people so much more. I’ve started my own quest in launching a blog and you can see it – I encourage you to have a look and watch my progress.

Paul Martin